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When Should I Consider Fence Replacement?​

Putting up a fence around your backyard protects it from being trespassers be it human or curious animals. And so far, we from North Fort Wayne Fence Co. have helped install several fences. If you are of the opinion that barriers keep for an extended period, then now is the time to have a rethink. Fences like most things require constant upkeep and maintenance. Seeing as it is the outer layer of protection for your home, then it is vital that you consistently check if repairs need to be done or if it should be outrightly replaced. How can you check if your fence needs repairs or replacements? Read below:

Checking Your Fence for Damage

  • Are any of the panels damaged?

The material of the fence also determines if you ought to repair or replace. If you find yourself spending hours for days trying to fix the wood panels with no positive results, we suggest that you replace them for ones that cause little problems. Cracked or bent vinyl fences cannot be fixed. The aluminum fence also requires an expert to handle.

For wood panels, one has to watch out for small holes or rotten parts. These parts mean that tiny microorganisms are living and eating the wood, causing cracks inside it. It will only be a matter of time before it spreads out to other panels and posts.

When there are only two or three panels that crack, repairing them might be a better option. But when many of the boards are losing their reliability, replacing them is more comfortable on your wallet. Professionals fence contractor from North Fort Wayne Fence Co. will be able to show you the numbers.

  • Are the posts loosening?

Posts that are loose due to erosion can be easily fixed by filling them back in with soil. But when the majority of the fence are losing their grip, you might need to take drastic measures as merely refilling the earth might no longer work. If this is coupled with several broken panels, you should opt to replace the fence.

Signs of loosening posts are leaning fences or visible dugout spaces under the fence. Sometimes you can backfill it and have the post stand straight up again for a while. But, this does not last long.

  • Is it up for sale?

Undoubtedly, the first thing anyone checks for when purchasing a property is its condition. You want people to buy your house, and the qualities that you are selling are probably safety and comfort. These two qualities can be affected if your fence looks like it is still hanging on for dear life.

New, firm fences will give a sense of security to the people looking at it. It also enhances the appearance of the house regarding tidiness and cleanliness.

If you need fixing, repairs or replacement work done, feel free to contact us at North Fort Wayne Fence Co. for consultations or immediate bookings! We are available for your needs.

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