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Things to Do in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Fort Wayne Indiana cityThe second largest city in Allen County sure packs some pretty authentic architectural designs and surprises. You might have heard of some of the fun things there are to do and see at this historical location called Fort Wayne, Indiana, and that’s great! But, we definitely wouldn’t want you to miss the 7 things that you should definitely give a try if you ever decide to visit Fort Wayne Indiana!

7 Things to do in Fort Wayne, Indiana

1. Fort Wayne Historical Scavenger Hunt

This scavenger hunt allows visitors to explore historical landmarks while solving puzzles, cracking quizzes and competing in challenges. You can download the map from their official site at Visit Fort Wayne and review your answers before submitting them to the Visitors Center. If you finish it, you will get thank you gifts! It’s a great way to get kids motivated for a visit.

2. Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo

The zoo is one of Fort Wayne’s most prominent attraction with more than 1000 well-cared-for animals living inside. You can make the trip, not just fun and entertaining, but also educational for your little ones. Who says you won’t be able to enjoy it as well? Habitats range from Indonesian Rainforest to African Journey. From African Lions to penguins, many of them can be seen in their natural habitats.

3. The Embassy Theatre

This is definitely something you shouldn’t miss. Even if you are not an art enthusiast, the historical value of this building might mean more to you. Finished in 1928, this theatre has had many famous shows, plays, choir and events held. Some prominent figures who have stood upon the stage of Emboyd Theatre are Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington.

4. The History Center

How did Fort Wayne gain its name? Fort Wayne has over 200 years worth of story to be told. More than 20,000 artifacts can be found here, and many tell people of the great days of Fort Wayne when it was called “The Altoona of West,” “Summit City” and many more. Before the History Center, this building was the city hall for Allen County as Fort Wayne Indiana is the seat.

5. Foellinger Theatre

Fort Wayne Indiana is famous for many things, and art is one of them. Serving as one of the hearts of culture and arts in the United States, the Foellinger Theatre has often been used for community gathering and performances of many musical plays and movies. It has a capacity of 2,300 and is a memorial building from Helen Foellinger for his father, Oscar Foelinger.

6. Native Trees of Indiana Riverwalk

The buzzing city life might have gotten into your head, and you need a quick getaway break. If peace is what you need, come to the Native Trees of Indiana Riverwalk. The location conserves many native plant species of Indiana land. Breathe the fresh air, educate your children and gain peace of mind while walking through the 1.25-mile track.

7. Brewhound Tours

Craft beer is a crowd favorite and if you are curious about it, then get on the Brewhound Tours. With up to 13 visitors per ride, you will be brought to 4 different local breweries and winery native to Indiana. Enjoy something you love or something new from Fort Wayne  Indiana in over 25 locations.