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Our Day in Fort Wayne, IN - Brewhound Tours

Whenever we make a trip to a new place, we make it a priority to embrace the culture, food, and lifestyle of the indigenes. Well, we already know that covering all the beautiful sights, tastes and sound of the city won’t be possible. But, Brewhound Tours at least made it easy and comfortable to visit some of them.

So, we went ahead and scheduled a tour on the website. The number of people allowed on tour is 13, but we were only 9 people, so that was all good. The person that talked to us was friendly and informative about the trip. Now, we just had to wait until the day we chose!

We were planning to stay in Ft Wayne, IN for 6 days, and our Brewhound tour was scheduled on Wednesday, the 4th day. On the day of our Brewhound tour, our car arrived at the hotel we were staying about 10 minutes earlier. They were willing to wait, and so we set off at the exact time we promised.
The car was clean and comfortable. We got to relax at the back, and since someone else was taking care of the driving, we didn’t exactly have to worry about directions to the brewery or if we should appoint a designated driver since the tour involved consuming alcoholic drinks. Each location’s visit time was also capped at 45 minutes to make sure that we were on time and we could set off to do other things we wanted to do.

There are three different tours each offering different locations. The cheapest one is the Fort Wayne Brewery Tour that costs $350 and takes 4 hours to finish. Then the Northern Indiana Brewery Tour which takes 5 hours and cost $400 per trip. Northern Indiana Winery Tour is the most extended tour of 5 hours and 30 minutes and costs $450 per trip.

Northern Indiana Tours could include locations from Fort Wayne Brewery Tour, but it will still cost the same. Price is given per trip, so the more people participate, the cheaper the trip is going to be. We took the Northern Indiana Brewery Tour, so that makes it about $44.45 per person on the trip.
The places were great. We were excited to taste all the different beers and wine there was to offer. Especially with the cold weather, the beers were really keeping us warm throughout the tour. We went to the 2Toms Brewing and loved the atmosphere and vibe it gave. The beers were obviously excellent, so we’d recommend people to at least give this place a visit.

And then, there was the Summit City Brewerks with its fantastic ambiance. It was so cozy that we knew 45 minutes wouldn’t be enough. We even ordered a pint here, but there were over 30 unique flavors we really wanted to try as well! And then we went off to Chapmans Brewing which also offered a different set of beers from strong and rich flavor to light ones.

Ended the trip after we visited Rhinegeist Brewery which served golden ale that I especially loved. It was light and dry but also had a fruity aroma which would be great for summer drinks. Overall, the trip was excellent as we were led to great brewery locations and we won’t forget the taste soon. It was about 20 minutes longer than planned because we always had to stay longer on each site!

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